Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not covered here or for further explanation of these questions please feel free to contact me here or email directly at enquiries@street-stompers.com.

Do I need any previous experience to join? No, Street Stompers teach from Beginners up to Professionals. Classes are arranged so that everyone is at a similar level and each session moves to a pace suitable for each class.

What should I wear? Suitable clothing must be worn, which allows you to move freely and stretch. Joggers, leggings, shorts with t-shirts or vests are all suitable items of clothing. However, once students settle in to their groups they are expected to buy and wear a Street Stompers t-shirt provided by the dance school.

What is suitable footwear? To support the ankles and to get the best experience from your lesson, the most ideal items of footwear are Trainers, pumps, split-soles, jazz shoes, plimsoles, which are all suitable. If none of these are available then bare feet are acceptable if necessary. No shoes, boots, sandals or flip flops are allowed.

Are there any monthly charges or membership fees? No, Street Stompers have a fixed price for hourly sessions and charge only on a pay-as-you-attend basis. Please see below for prices.

How much are the classes? All hourly sessions are £4 per person regardless of the age or experience of the group. All other sessions exceeding the hour are at an agreed price for that group depending on the time allocated to that group. Please enquire for prices for Private Sessions.

Can I gain qualifications? Yes, the Adele Louise Dance Academy provides for IDTA qualifications to be taken from Rosettes for young children up to Professional levels. All students will be fully supported to achieve the highest marks from their medal tests. These qualifications will also allow for students to enter various competitions hosted by the IDTA, as solo artists, pairs or as part of a team – although not compulsory.

I'm too shy to join a group lesson; can I have a Private Session? Yes, whether you are too shy for a group lesson or are wanting to train for a professional qualification there are Private Sessions available, day or night and 7 days a week. Please enquire for prices, venues and time slots.

Is it possible for my friend(s) and I to share a Private Session? Yes, rates for a shared Private Session would vary depending on the amount of people sharing.

I've just recovered from an injury, am I ok to dance? As long as you have the all clear from your doctor and take the necessary precautions eg. If you have recently recovered from a dislocation of the knee then the appropriate support must be worn and you must take breaks when you feel it to be necessary. Also you would be expected to take your time and be slowly introduced into routines.

How do I become a teacher? If you have many years dancing experience and would like to look into becoming a dance teacher, then the Adele Louise Dance Academy are able to take you in the right direction to help you gain the necessary qualifications. Private Sessions would be necessary. Please enquire.